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For many people, their home is the single biggest investment that they have. We are usually very good a maintaining the interior of our home but often forget to look after its exterior.  Soft washing the exterior of your property not only makes it look great but helps to maintain your property’s value.

Much like maintaining your car, the exterior of your home is less likely to need repair or replacement if it is maintained and kept clean on a regular basis.

We use eco-friendly treatments and a technique called soft washing (low-pressure washing) to clean your home. A combination of these ensures that there is no damage to the exterior of your property.

House Wash Auckland

What is Soft Washing?

Rather than using high pressure water blasting techniques we soft wash your home to ensure a quality clean. Because of this technique, it allows us to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from roofs and other building exteriors without damaging shingles.

Soft washing uses an electric agricultural sprayer (about the same pressure as a hose tap) to ensure your house wash is protected and durable. We apply an Eco-friendly detergent that breaks down the dirt, grime, mould or moss stains. Our team then rinse off using low-pressure water blasting techniques, and as a result, it leaves your home looking amazing.

(See high quality “Before and After Photo’s” )

Why choose our house washing service?

Customer can expect amazing results with A1 Water Blasters as we go the extra mile to ensure that your home is as clean as I keep mine. We recommend that you consider a full house wash every 12-24 months.

Our house wash Auckland services range from roof treatmentgutter cleaning, driveway, deck and fence cleaning.

As a house wash Auckland owner operator I ensure a quality house wash every time. Call today for a free quote or gold card discounts!

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